Red Pepper @ Strathfield

I had high expectations based on the numerous reviews I read online. As I never had Korean chicken with beer before, I was intrigued on the flavours and how it will taste well with beer.

This place is actually located within the sports club at Strathfield so drinks at the pub weren’t pricey (if you’re wondering). Of course, Red Pepper is a Korean-owned restaurant and there were a lot of Koreans coming in and eating their food. Thus, I anticipated the food should be great and authentic.

As I came here for only chicken and beer, my friend and I only ordered those two XD They had quite a few different flavours for their chicken and also came in ‘half sizes’ so it was great!

We both ordered their INCREDIBLE (literally called ‘incredible’) chicken & boneless black sesame chicken.

As I was starving the whole day since I didn’t have time to have breakfast (bus came too early), I was so focused on eating so I forgot to take pics.

Overall, ok food but nothing special. The beer however was yum! Hahas~ too bad they only had it in bottle and not tap.


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