OPI Moon over Mumbai & OPI Oy-Another Nail Polish Joke!

I did these pretty hurriedly so its a rushed nail makeover XD But at least they’re better than my bare nails LOL

I got all these gold glitter around my hands so it’s definitely messy. But once they are completely dry and I can move my fingers around freely~ I’m gonna get some nail polish remover and clean up the mess~

Photo on 18-04-2015 at 3.41 pm #4 Photo on 18-04-2015 at 3.42 pm

Basically the OPI Moon over Mumbai was the base for the gold tip~ simple and classy especially since I just cut my nails so short – 😅

at least I didn’t do another polka dot print like last wk! They’re just so easy to do! HEHES

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