York Trading @ Macquarie Centre

Had always wanted to visit this place but never had the time especially since its usually crowded.

I was actually so full from a yummy lunch (Korean food again XD) but wanted to try this place since it wasn’t as crowded (after 4pm).

It was a nice place to just sit and relax after a long day of walking around shops.

Since we just needed a small appetiser we ordered their cheese platter which had a different variety of cheeses XD YUM! Love their poached pear which was kind of included into this plate.


I ordered a juice~ they didn’t have any freshly squeezed juice TT_TT but anyways tried this drink since the name is so interesting~ it had ginseng in it lol

Emma & Toms Karmarama drink

Service was wonderful~ especially since there weren’t many patrons so it wasn’t as loud and was an amicable environment. Loved their decor – pretty rustic.

Overall, would definitely come back again especially since I’m curious to try their coffee…love a good coffee XD

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