Port MQ Day 4

Sorry for posting this up so late~~ was busy with Christmas and catching up on dramas hehes XD

Today was our last day at Port MQ~~ suffice to say…it has been a wonderful trip despite being so short .. We decided that for our next trip we will stay longer~~ XD

As usual we had fun looking at sceneries

On our way back home we stopped by Heatherbrae’s Pies for pies LOL and coffee~~ needed a break before resuming our trip back home. This is the second time being here this year and I got to say…it won’t be my last! I love their pies!


For our early dinner we tried this new Taiwanese restaurant which is kind of like shabu shabu but they cook everything for you! It’s amazing! Basically you are given a menu and a pencil to tick off which meals you want. You get to choose between what food you would like to be cooked in the summer pot as well as the spicy level.

The dishes come in containers which they help you organize and cook those ingredients in the pot. Their table side service is pretty cool hahas! I kind of suck at explaining but you guys can go there and try it at Eastwood ^^



So you see that we ordered the barramundi fish simmer pot and added extras to be cooked with the fish~~ after that the rest of the extra dishes we ordered in the beginning came out which included some handmade noodles, tofu, tofu strips and enoki mushrooms which are added into the pot once we nearly ate all the previous dish. Then we just let it simmer for a while before eating again. With the handmade noodles it is so cool to see them being stretched out in front of you which is great entertainment whilst your food is busy cooking.

Between four people…the price ranges around $20 per person which is pretty reasonable I guess =)

Anyways, loved my trip and can’t wait to see where I go next~~

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