Port MQ Day 3





Started my day sight seeing at beautiful lookouts~~~ I actually had a great night sleepy despite my brother saying that I had a nightmare in the middle of the night XD

Isn’t the view beautiful? We also went to a really amazing lookout called “North Brother” which gave us a spectacular picturesque view of the whole of Port MQ and its surroundings! Totally surreal!



Then beach time!! It was great since it felt like our own private beach as it’s not crowded (actually I drove to this place but couldn’t park >< so dad had to help me HAHAS)



Then had some good ol’ fish and chips for lunch which was a mega huge serving which we couldn’t finish XD

We then drove back to our hotel and watched some movie prior to more beach tone and this time (wearing bikini) I got to ride the waves!! WOOO!! As usual after the life guards pack up the flags, went to the pool then spa and finally sauna before showering in our room~~

Was a really adventurous day today and great fun! Also had some battle scars which is still sore~~ I gave this long cut on the some of my right foot as I stood on the rock trying to cross this small lagoon to the beach and OUCH..what a sharp rock~~ also for some scraped on my knees and calves~~ but was glad that they didn’t ruin my fun XD

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