Diary of a uni student

This morning as usual I was a bit reluctant to get out of bed..especially since it’s so cold outside and so snuggy and warm under my blanket. I did my usual routine and somehow..couldn’t even get myself to have brunch..which I usually do every other morning as I wake up around 9-10ish and eat at 11am.. I wonder what’s wrong but probs cos I ate too much last night for dinner..
I wonder if other girls experience this same problem of finding clothes to wear…I swear…my wardrobe is very minimalist as I always need to allocate at least an hour to find an outfit for the day..anyhow..it’s a good excuse for a shopping trip!! XD

So…left five mins before the bus arrived and drove to the bus stop & was so happy that I did a reverse parking!! WOOO!!! Caught the bus and arrived to class on time…was also contemplating if I should get a coffee but didn’t want to go into class too hyper…

As usual on Fridays, I’m only at uni for an hour and straight after that…either meet up with friends or just go straight back home… Typical huh..

Currently, I’m on the bus…my eyes are tired…yet I have a pile of poems at home to read for literature..yipee.. Also I have mum’s homemade lasagne to look forward to…most importantly..I really want a bath right now..I can almost visual it…soaked in warm water..surrounded by oversize bubbles and wine..hahas

Another thing to do on my TO-DO list for today..need to treat my dry hair…with coconut oil…mum has been pestering me to do it for a while now..actually…a year hahas but I’ve been so lazy .. I’m actually going to do it tonight before I go to bed as I will be using it as an overnight treatment…


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