Grounds of Alexandria

What is with all the hype? This place made me so disappointed! However, the surroundings was very nice and rustic with mini eateries scattered around for munchies. The food I ordered from the ‘brunch lunch’ menu was disappointing. It was VERY NORMAL! Nothing special…especially the pasta ragout (bit too salty), burger (not worth it), pie (…)




The drinks….both the iced coffee and French espresso…I don’t think their baristas knew what espresso is!! It was so diluted!



And finally….the desserts….
I was actually looking forward to this and HOPED that this was what people were raving about…

The lemon lemon taste! Nothing much to say about the other desserts..





Despite the bad review on their food…their service was great! The waitresses and waiters were so friendly and welcoming. This diminished my disappointment…only slightly though..
Overall…coffee…bad…food…desserts…what’s with the rave?

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