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The K2 더 케이투 – 2016 Kdrama

Starring Yoona, Ji Changwook, Song Yunah and Jo Sungha as the main characters in this highly-anticipated action drama, I must say…I’ve been impressed with what they have shown so far.nstst5i

2016 is probably a good year with amazing dramas as I thought this drama might be a flop from day 1 but I’m glad I was wrong. Yoona’s acting has significantly improved and is no longer acting cutesy and idol-y (really disliked her acting in God of War, Zhao Yun although I adored her in Prime Minister & I). Her character is Ko Anna, a reclusive and hidden daughter of a presidential candidate who suffers from mental disorders due to an incident which happened when she was young.

Then we have Ji Changwook who’s portraying Kim Jeha, a former secret service agent who was abandoned by his country and peers. His relationship with Yoona will be one to look out for as I’m interested to see how their chemistry will be like in future episodes.

We also have Song Yoonah as Choi Yoojin, daughter of a chaebol family who aspires to be the First Lady & Jo Sungha as Jang Sejoon, Anna’s biological father and a presidential candidate.








The first episode was quite shocking as we were given a close up shot of a young child who discovered her mother lifelessly lying on the floor. We see pills which I suspect were sleeping pills but it was definitely suspicious as the window is wide open and someone definitely was there.

Then we get pulled into a different setting where the girl is taken to a nunnery. Suddenly, we get shots of Yoona (older version of the young girl) trying to escape the nunnery. Her scared and anxious face whilst she was running around in Spain was spot on! I felt her emotions and wow…my heart really pounded.

We also get shots of Anna and Jeha’s first meeting when she pleaded with him to save her from being captured again. However, he couldn’t as he was badly injured and couldn’t risk his own life for hers.

Although we had a tiny inkling of an idea of who Anna’s captor was, this mystery was unravelled at the end of the episode. It was Yoojin, her father’s wife..the woman who’s a bit of a two-faced in the public and private eye..she’s someone who definitely holds enough cards to blackmail her father from keeping Anna safe from her.


Can’t wait for episode 2!

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On the way to the Airport – 2016 Kdrama

36b5c829-628e-4cbf-b0d4-40dc818536d4_zpsgza9ijqnJust watched the first episode and it is quite intriguing! It is a more of a mature concept (yay! no more high school cliches) as it centres around middle-aged couples.

Kim Haneul plays the female lead ‘Choi Soo-ah’ who’s a veteran flight attendant with AirAsia. Her husband Park Jinseok (Shin Sungrok) also works with the flight crew as the pilot for AirAsia. This couple is a bit weird..probably because the husband is quite cold and dominant which showed in the first episode as he only notified Soo-ah that he’s sending their only daughter to a school abroad after confirming everything without her knowledge – who does this?!?!?!

Another couple is Seo Do-woo (Lee Sangyoon) and Kim Hyewon (Jang Heejin). These two are more loving than the other couple. However, it is suspected that the wife is withhelding a huge secret which can ruin the couple’s marriage (I think I have an inkling of an idea what it might be). There was already a tragic scene in the first episode but I won’t spoil it.


Seeing as the first episode already had me hooked, I’m definitely looking forward to the future episodes. Hwaiting!

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Ippudo @ MQ Centre, Ryde

This place had attracted quite a bit of attention when it first opened a few months ago…or was it late last year?

But my friends wanted to eat here so I cruised along and went to satisfy my curiosity. First things first, the staff were welcoming and attentive especially when they purposely got this huge basket for us to put our bags in (uni students hence baggage).

Concerning the menu, there wasn’t many options to choose from but since it was a cold and rainy day, a warm ramen will just suffice. We had to order at the counter which wasn’t a big deal but I would have preferred if I could order straight from my table.

Akamaru Shinaji + Gyoza Set $20

So I ordered the Akamaru Shinaji with gyoza as it has been such a while since I last ate gyoza. I was happy that the service was quick and we got to eat our warm dishes.

The ramen was quite generous and I couldn’t finish it all but it did have a good broth and the pork was big! 😍

The gyoza was disappointingly a bit bland.. nothing much to say about it.

Overall, this place was a bit on the expensive side as the ramen itself was $16. I wouldn’t mind coming here again but it would not be frequent…plus I still prefer the ramen at Chinatown.

Ippudo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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TRAIN TO BUSAN 부산행 – 2016 Kmovie Review

Wow! This is no ordinary zombie flick. Unlike World War Z which features many different setting, this movie is majorly set on an express train to Busan. Despite being a debut film for Yeon Sang-ho, he did a tremendous job of delivering a captivating storyline.

fullsizephoto737400It stars Gong Yoo as Seok-woo who is a divorced workaholic who barely spends time with his only daughter Su-an (Kim Soo-ahn). However, he makes it up for her by taking Su-an to visit her mother in Busan. Once they boarded the train, that’s when the action begins.

We also get introduced to other characters including Jung Yoo-mi who’s pregnant to Ma Dong-seok’s child, Choi Woo-shik and his classmate Ahn So-hee (ex-Wondergirls).

So, we slowly see the train passengers finding themselves caught amidst in a zombie apocalypse as each of the passengers, one by one, find themselves trying to run away and save themselves from being infected by the zombies.

What set this film apart from the other zombie flicks is the lesson all humans should learn:

help others instead of only watching out for yourself.

However, there’s always an outcast and this movie is no exception. I guess, it shows the selfishness of humanity as we care about saving ourselves. Even though we think that character as a jerk who’s selfish and wants to sacrifice other people’s lives for his own survival, at the end of the day, karma always comes back.

I’m not going to spoil anything major but those who survived the zombie ordeal were able to live due to the sacrifice of others – quite sad but it’s the reality.

It is definitely one of the best zombie movies which shows that we can trust in humanity.

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Wildpear Cafe @ Dural

I was in the area when I passed by this cafe and decided to have lunch here. It was very crowded (lunch hour) and we had to wait 15 minutes for a table for 2. Since it will take around that time to get to the nearest shopping centre, we decided to wait and to see whether the hype was a disappointment or not.

When we got seated to our tables and were given our menus, we were quick happy with the amount of choices we got in addition to the lovely winter specials they had up on the board. However, it took a while for our dishes to come (probably because it’s a full house) but we were disappointed with their time management.

Around 30+mins our food finally arrived! 😑

Panfried gnocchi with broccolini, crisp kale and parmesan

Despite the disappointment with the timing, we were quite satisfied with their food. The gnocchi was well flavoured with the greens and the parmesan added a nice touch of flavour.

The fish and chips were also nice, however, the portion was small. Only two pieces of fish but the chips kind of make it up for that. The chips were crunchy and I loved the tartare sauce (wanted more of it)!

Fish and Chips
Spiced Hot Chocolate


Last, but not least, my lovely spiced hot chocolate! This drink was not sweet but spicy! It was perfect for the cold weather and I loved it 😁

It was nice and warm, however, I did burn my throat at times (hot+spicy) because I drank it a bit too fast 😋






Overall, a lovely place for good food and a comfortable environment to dine in. However, waiting for food was horrendous and service was slow, which was quite unfortunate.

I would love to come here again…but I’m not sure whether I can be bothered to wait for that long..maybe next time, I won’t set foot into the place when it’s during rush hour.

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Novaland: The Castle in the Sky 九州·天空城 – 2016 Cdrama

This drama is damn good, however…I’m still on the edge on whether I should forgive those darn writers or not…

My heart has been mercilessly torn apart yet mended together in every single episode. I’m just glad that I began watching this drama after it ended which made the cliffhangers a bit more bearable to bear than usual.

I hope my experience hasn’t scared you know a drama is good when it plays with your heart…but you still can’t help but curse the writers.

Before I spoil everything, it is best to watch the trailer below. It’s so beautiful!

Honestly, I didn’t know any of the actors/actresses that were in this drama but from the first episode, I’ve became so interested in every single one of them! Ok, I forgot…the only one I knew was Liu Min who starred in Demon Girl. 九州天空城

Trust me, the above picture does not do anyone of them justice especially Zhang Ruoyun who plays Feng Tianyi (guy between the girls). His acting was superb and made me fall in love with him (literally)!! His character was a bit troubled due to his rough childhood (it’s not that cliche, trust me) but he slowly opens up to Yi Fuling (acted by Guan Xiaotong) and it’s quite heartwarming!


However, even though they both love each other very is sad to see Feng Tianyi hurting his love just so that he can protect her (even if he pushes her away to another person’s arms).

But can I just say how much I love the costumes in this drama?

Praise the costume director as the outfits are just so beautiful! I’m not spoiling more as it’s bet to see it for yourself🙂


Also, a warning…ep 28 & 29 are the same except they show different endings. Ep 28 ruined it for me as my heart broke but ep 29 mended it together slightly (only because I couldn’t forget ep 28). Both endings make sense but as a true persuer for a happily ever after, I’m sure you know which ending I liked the best 😜



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Scarlet Heart Ryeo – 2016 Kdrama

This drama was much anticipated especially after the success from Bu Bu Jing Xin. Also, the fact that so many hotties are in this!!!


The cast is amazing and at first I was a bit doubtful on whether this drama will be successful..but after watching the first episode, I’m quite satisfied.

I’m glad this drama is not totally mimicking the Chinese (original) version and there is some differences. The princes…what can I say? A lot of eye candy and I would love to be in Haesoo’s (IU) position.


I haven’t seen many Goryeo dramas before, but I’m really liking this one..the outfits are quite nice as well.

From the first episode, I’m just in love with 8th Prince (Kang Haneul)! I know that Haesoo won’t be with him at the end but his character is so sweet and lovable – what a gentleman!

4th Prince (Lee Joonki) is quite mysterious as he wears a half-mask to cover the scar his mother accidently gave him when he was a child. He already has a derogatory nickname given to him by the citizens which is “Dog Wolf” – mentions how he’s a cold-hearted men who apparently murdered a family?

The other princes were just cheeky except 3rd Prince (Hong Jonghyun) who’s eyeliner makes him look quite scary. I’m sure his role is big in this drama but I wonder how he fits in with the power struggle that will definitely happen soon – I should probably research Korean history.

I did say that there was quite a number of differences between the Chinese drama and this one, and a notable one is that it’s Haesoo’s cousin who’s 8th Prince’s wife (not the sister) and I think she’s his only wife (for now)…


Also, 8th Prince has a sister who definitely seems to be quite annoyed with Haesoo…interesting.moonlovers1-00784

But the cliff-hanger at 1st ep! The way 4th Prince got Haesoo on his horse to save her from her fall!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I want ep 2 eng sub to be released soon!!!!