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August 2016

This month has been quite busy with university taking a huge toll out of my life and the fact that I’ve just officially started my private tutoring services at home.

So much has happened over the past few weeks (with some being quite a frightful experience). But this month has truly been enjoyable as I met new people and my students successfully performed well at a concert! I’m so proud of them!!

Also, how can I ever forget the Rio Olympics?!??! Day 1 was truly the best for Aussies as we were FIRST…but I’m still mega proud of the Aussie team and they’ve done amazingly well, especially when compared to the mega countries of USA & China.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 5.34.32 PM.png

I’m sure I kind went a bit overboard with my snaps when documenting the Rio Olympics especially when Aussies won gold in those first few days! I remember snapchatting that video when KYLE CHALMERS WON THE 100M! I was literally screaming at the tv and I’m so glad he accomplished so much and he’s younger than me!!!

Other than the Olympics, I’ve tried to become more organised by creating personal planners and trying to stick to it…the keyword ‘trying’. There was only one day which I’ve failed to do and it was attending my pilates class (my excuse..uni work HAHA).

Like I said…uni has been taking a toll out of my life 😜

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Cafe Oratnek @ Redfern

This place has held my interest for some time and I finally got the chance to go and try some of their foods especially their well-known matcha tiramisu! There was quite a crowd and the tables were already filled outside. Luckily, we were seated quite comfortly inside before the queue began even though it was around 1:30pm.

We were straight away given a glass of water and menus before they came and took our order.

We were straight away given a glass of water and menus before they came and took our order. We ordered fusion dishes which peaked our interests which was the omurice and okonomiyaki with kimchi.

Since there was no menu for the dessert, we ordered it separately and it came out first before our mains. So, even though it was unconventional to have dessert before the main dish, we didn’t care and just munched our way through. And it was delicious!


Matcha Donut Ball (top) & Matcha Tiramisu (bottom)
Omurice $18

Even though I came here primarily for the matcha tiramisu, I enjoyed the matcha donut much more! Probably because the tiramisu was a bit too creamy for my liking but it was still good! They got the flavours for the matcha right for both of the desserts (not too strong and not too subtle)!

For the donuts, it was cooked perfectly and it melted in my mouth! It was so delicious and I was definitely craving for more! However, since I had already ordered lunch, I was afraid I could not order another portion.

But, I will definitely come back and have it again!







The omurice was cooked well with the perfect amount of seasoning! The cheese tomato fried rice was very delicious but was quite a huge portion so we sadly couldn’t finish it!

Definitely worth the price!




Okonomiyaki $16

Similarly, the okonomiyaki was quite enjoyable and full of flavour! At first, I thought that the portion was small, but actually, it was quite filling! They added kimchi, cheese and napoleon sauce into this dish which was a good mix! However, I could not taste the kimchi well but did realise there was cabbages (however it was not spicy which is what kimchi is known for).



Overall, I enjoyed my time here in Cafe Oratnek and would love to come here again to try more dishes and have the desserts again!


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Kin By Us @ Macquarie Park – Part 2

Back here again and I swear, the food is still amazing! It was lucky we got seats at a cozy spot at the corner and I was glad we were there before a queue formed! PHEW!

This time, I ordered a waffle belly and a black sesame shake. I always wondered how pork belly and waffle will go together as they’re completely different in terms of savoury and dessert. But since I had the kimcheese waffle the other day, I was determined to try and reward my curiosity.

Waffle Belly $18
Black Sesame Shake $8


The waffle belly was good and was quite generous in its serving! I had a few slices of the pork belly and they were thick slices! YUM! The waffle was perfectly cooked and surprisingly, it went well together. The only negative is that the pork belly was a bit too salty if it’s eaten by itself, so it’s best to have it with the waffle.

I loved the Black Sesame Shake and it is a must try especially if you love the flavour of black sesame!

Below is a Singaporean styled dish of soft shell crab linguine. It looked tasty and soft shell crabs are always amazing! My friend enjoyed this dish and she’s SINGAPOREAN!

Pass-Tha Crab $18

Overall, no major disappointments with Kin By Us and will definitely come back to try other dishes on their menu.

KIN by us. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Seasons of Kurrajong @ Kurrajong

Kurrajong has so many cafes packed in the village centre but we came to this cafe because of a recommendation by a local. The expectations were high especially when we see local people coming in and out of this place.

It is family friendly and the wait staff were courteous and welcoming. We were quickly seated to a wonderful landscape view of the valleys and hills (very lucky)!

And so, we quickly ordered our food because we were quite hungry after a busy morning roaming to many places.

Our drinks arrived first:

Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate was so warm – perfect for a cold day! (Was very chilly and windy) – & I loved it!! It was a good size and well made!

Banana Milkshake

The banana milkshake – very pretty but…too sweet & the consistency was not thick enough to be considered a milkshake – bit disappointed.

Chicken, Kale, Quinoa, Tomato Salad

The salad was very nice! Good flavour and filling! However, the chicken was a tad tough. Nevertheless, I was quite happy with this dish.

On the other hand, this soup was definitely my favourite meal of the day! IT was so hearty and the flavour was delicious! The sourdough was very enjoyable and went perfectly well with the soup.

Even though the soup portion looked small, it was quite filling and hearty. I would love to have this soup again!

Tomato, ham, sour cream & corn soup with Turkish Sourdough

Both of these big breakfast meals were definitely quite a huge portion! However, the food was a bit too oily for our liking. This was the case for the sausages, bacon and hash brown which was a shame.

Big Breakfast – fried eggs
Big Breakfast – scrambled eggs

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the meals I had chosen and wouldn’t mind coming back here for that.

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W 더블유 – 2016 Kdrama *Spoilers


This drama had me on the edge of my seat in both episodes! It is fantastically written and surreal to think that the world inside a webtoon can become a reality! There are twists and surprises which can definitely shock you – well, it is a suspense drama.

The first episode begins with the young Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) winning the 2004 Athens Olympics. Then the scene suddenly changes to a few years later which we are given a shocking situation – his family gets murdered. Since he was the person first at the scene, he was labelled as the primary suspect and unfortunately there were no other suspects at this stage.

We get close up shots of Kang Chul’s scared face as he gets interrogated fiercely by the prosecution but it was heartbreaking to know that he missed his family’s funeral and couldn’t say goodbye to them properly.

Suddenly, we get pulled into another world where Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) lives in as a female doctor. We see her getting busy running around the hospital frantically to find her superior.

Here, we learn of her father who’s a famous webtoon writer Oh Sung Moo for his manwha ‘W’. Then, OYJ receives a call from her father’s assistant who exclaims that her father is missing! At first she wasn’t worried but with the deadline for ‘W’ coming up and the fact that none of the father’s assistants saw him getting out of his room, OYJ begins to get worried.

After learning that her father plans to kill of Kang Chul (we get shots of his creepy smiles while he was drawing Kang Chul’s ‘death’), OYJ becomes distraught – I will be too if someone is killing off my favourite character!

Anyways, they came to the conclusion that some fan may have learned of Kang Chul’s impending death and kidnapped the writer so they decided to call the police.

Suddenly, we get shots of the monitor flickering and creepily see a bloodied hand grasping OYJ’s jacket and pulls her into the monitor – into the world of ‘W’…

I think I’m going to stop here as I believe you should definitely watch the drama instead of reading the recaps. Plus, why would you not watch it to see Lee Jong Suk on screen?

I screamed at my laptop in ep 2 several times especially when he was wearing denim on denim! Honestly, he pulled it off so well!!!! Plus, the unsuspecting kiss on the male lead was a good one! Ep 2 definitely raised my expectation for the future episodes – can’t wait for next week to arrive!

Also, I should add…I think OYJ’s father might be the murderer. He’s so adamant to kill off Kang Chul – basically, the creator killing his creation.

Nevertheless, from the preview for ep 3, Kang Chul might not be as innocent as we thought. I don’t know. I hope I’m wrong but it looks like we need to wait for the future episodes to be publicised. Until then, we can only foster our thoughts ourselves.


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Yayoi @ CBD

Since its opening, this place has generated great reviews from my friends and other word-of-mouth. However, I have never set foot inside as I was never bothered to queue up for so long.

Luckily, there wasn’t a line (around 7ish pm) but we had to wait for a few minutes for them to clear a table for us. Ordering food was efficient as it was all done via the iPad stationed at the wall of our table. However, it was annoying that it crashed quite a few times when we scroll too quickly through the foods.

As you can see, I ordered a miso pork loin katsu whilst my friend ordered something else (forgot what it was ☺️).

What I was really glad about this place was the miso soup. Typically, in Japanese restaurants, the miso soup are salty and I could never finish it. So I surprised myself whenI drank it all! The added tofu, seaweed, etc. did not add to the saltiness but enhanced its flavour! Very nice! Thank you Yayoi for ur amazing miso soup!

However, the sauce for the katsu was salty so I had to serve it with the rice. But, I still enjoyed my meal and wouldn’t mind having it again. I have to say, their rice also tasted great! I know, I know. What can be so special about rice?! It might be that white rice doesn’t exist in my household (mum is always buying the healthy brown rice), or the fact that the sauce mixed with the rice tasted so good and flavourful!

This set was filling (couldn’t finish it) and $18.80 is quite decent. We also get soft-boiled egg and salad! A balanced meal!

I’m glad that I know another good Japanese restaurant to eat (Sydney doesn’t have many which serve good miso soup). Without a doubt, this place is highly recommended and is worth the hype! Can’t wait to come back again to try their other dishes!


YAYOI Japanese Teishoku Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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The Good Wife 굿와이프 – 2016 Kdrama

굿와이프 is a remake of the American drama ‘The Good Wife’. I have just finished the first episode and I quite enjoyed the suspense and storyline. Even though I have not seen the original American series, I’m looking forward to this drama and how it progresses. This drama will have 16 episodes and made its debut last night.

Honestly, I don’t know anything about this drama so imagine my surprise when I saw Nana (Afterschool) as Kim Dan in episode 1! Her acting was superb and amazed me! Despite being an Idol, she acted pretty well and is so much better than all of the other idol actors (I can name a few but I don’t want to be bashed XD).

This drama also has Yoo Ji-Tae from Healer and it was pretty exciting to see him on screen again!

Anyways, I love how the plot focuses on the women’s life as a lawyer after her husband was sent to prison due to a messy scandal. Going to watch episode 2 now!!






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